Who I am

I am a PhD student in Data Science at NYU’s Center for Data Science, where I am advised by Arthur Spirling. I have a BA, summa cum laude, from Columbia University, and an MA from NYU, where I was a PhD student in political science prior to joining Data Science.

I use NLP and text-as-data to study political communication and behavior. My dissertation is (tentatively) entitled “Evaluating the state of democracy using natural language processing.”

What I do

I develop tools for inference and estimation with text. I maintain stylest, the R package for textual style estimation. Install using install.packages("stylest")!

I help run the NLP and Text-as-Data Speaker Series at the Center for Data Science.

I’ve taught graduate-level labs at the Center for Data Science for Intro to Data Science, a fundamental course on machine learning algorithms for business applications (in Python), and Text-as-Data, on text mining and NLP (in R).

Visit my GitHub or LinkedIn to find out more.

Latest news (“blog”) here.